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We are hiring! In amidst of our expansion of the Financial department, we have a Financial agent position available. Below you can find the benefits and responsibilities of this job:


  • low working hours
  • flexible schedule
  •  option to work from home
  • full health insurance
  • after the 1st month of probation, we provide a vehicle and we cover all the gas expenses
  •  $5,800.00 salary for a Full-time agent and $3,800.00 salary for a Part-time agent.
  • %5 commission for each processed payment, separately from the salary
  •  we cover all the fees or government taxes


Your duty as a Financial agent will be to receive and process the payments coming from our clients via Bank Wire transfer. When we receive an order, from one of our clients, the payment will be deposited into the bank account you choose to use for this job. Once a payment gets deposited into the provided bank account, your job will be to withdraw the money in cash, keep your 5% commission and with the remaining balance you have to pay invoices for our company, towards our suppliers, companies that we work with, or if not needed, just to return the money to other branches of Silver Oils.

Below you can find a simple 4-step procedure on how a payment needs to be completed:

1. Client orders Olive Oil and deposits the money into your bank account that you will  use for the job.

3. Once you have the money available, you will have to pay the invoices that are sent to you by your Financial manager, via Western Union or Money Gram.

4. Once the invoices are paid, e-mail us a copy of the receipts for confirmation.

5. E-mail is received on our end, the payment is complete.

If you have any questions, or you need more information about the job, don’t hesitate to contact us : +1 (541) 799-1088.

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